Interview With Norman Ober, writer of “Anita’s Heaven”

Interview with Norman Oberauthor of Anita’s HeavenISBN 9781933918112Blooming Twig BooksToday, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader views has the privilege of being joined by way of Norman Ober, creator of “Anita’s Heaven.”Norman Ober’s tale specializes in his deceased wife, Anita, and the way, beginning three years after her loss of life in 1990, she has been communicating with him through channeling, explaining to him the mysteries of heaven and what lifestyles is like there.Tyler: thank you for joining me nowadays, Norman. Wow, what a captivating enjoy you have got had. to begin, are you able to inform our readers the way you commenced to channel your wife and just what the time period “channeling” means?Norman: i would love to, Tyler. it is defined within the book. i discovered it first as automated writing in a e-book by Helen Greaves called “an affidavit of light.” My daughter Dody and i found it in a superb Denver book place referred to as “The Tattered cover.”i would been begging, wheedling and berating a God I didn’t consider in, trying to pry Anita free and in some way get her spirit returned into my existence. i was going crazy without her and couldn’t accept as true with for a minute that “loss of life do us element” implemented to us.Channeling is a broader term than computerized writing. It consists of those who speak thoughts to thoughts, or by way of having visions or goals. a few pay attention voices of loved ones. To talk as Anita and that i do, she had to align our vibrations to shape a channel. She knew how badly off i used to be without her, found out what she needed to do and grappled for me until she related us up. It labored due to the fact we were each decided to connect. And what a distinction it made in me!Tyler: you are a lucky man, Norman. Your reports might glaringly help a whole lot of other human beings overcome their grief if they might channel when they misplaced loved ones. Why do you believe you studied you and Anita are a number of the very few able to talk no matter dying’s divide?Norman: Tyler, each parties should need desperately to bring it off. yes, i used to be very fortunate. a man who would not believe in God glaringly would not trust inside the afterlife. he’s going to never try, no matter how much he misses his cherished reply your query, i am now not satisfied Anita and i are the various only a few who channel. Conditioning or lack of knowledge may additionally make it implausible that everybody will seize the possibility.however God’s energy allows each person who cannot forestall loving and grieving, every person who dedicates himself to making the relationship, irrespective of how lengthy it takes. we are a minority, but there are various twin flames in eternity.Tyler: In “Anita’s Heaven”, you point out it took you 3 years to discover every different and fourteen months which will trust you really have been speaking with your wife and not absolutely imagining the reports. How did you finally convince yourself the messages have been valid?Norman: after they started out, atheism and skepticism held me returned. Anita become patient. i was on one hand ecstatic that we have been again in contact, IF it had been true. but the reality that percolated from her letters finally transformed me to a believer.Tyler: You have to have met with several folks that are skeptical about your stories. what’s your response to them?Norman: maximum of my great pals are atheists. they’re unmoved through my newfound deism. but we’re nevertheless friends. Arnold Goren, Professor Emeritus of higher schooling at new york university, thinks i’m a deserter to my faithlessness. however he knows i am honest and calls “Anita’s Heaven” a stunning and lyrical book. i haven’t run across any readers who challenged me. once I do, i’ll allow the e-book speak for itself.Tyler: i’m intrigued that the e book mentions there’s existence on different planets. ought to you inform us a touch approximately that?Norman: when Anita’s letters began relating to ten universes, all however one with a peopled planet, it strained my belief gadget. however i used to be so inspired, after I started to accept as true with, that I requested Anita for a prĂ©cis on each planet. She sent me long letters approximately every and that i boiled them down to preserve that section of the ebook from overwhelming the relaxation of it.All nine peopled planets are described in the order in which they have been created. Earth changed into sixth. The humans of one previously occupied planet wiped themselves out in a single terrible day. it truly is inside the ebook, too.Tyler:”Anita’s Heaven” additionally discusses reincarnation. could you explain the reasoning behind why people hold reincarnating rather than simply having the only-risk-at-lifestyles as Christianity has usually taught us?Norman: Anita sees God’s most important operations in heaven as taking again spent souls from His planets, rehabilitating and purifying them and recycling them from life to heaven and lower back to lifestyles. Reincarnation is voluntary. i’ve asked her why, if it is as wonderful as she says, everyone might ever voluntarily depart heaven for life.She thinks reincarnation is clearly in our genes–that we are programmed to “decide” to return and that if there have been no stimulus to reincarnate, by now heaven could be bulging to the celestial rafters with billions of stagnant souls.Tyler: An exciting point, Norman. i have examine, however, that reincarnation is also a process of evolution–that we maintain coming again to examine lessons until we get them right, and that in the end the goal is to stop our reincarnation procedure. Is that genuine of Anita’s reviews?Norman: She hasn’t diagnosed the manner with evolution exactly but she HAS lectured me a number of instances, while i used to be lacking her the maximum and considered suicide, that we are intended to live full lives, analyze from them and do higher next time. we have discussed the Buddhist concept of nirvana and he or she says that, to her, nirvana is what heaven is now.Her view is that we are subtly programmed to reincarnate again and again. however she does say some choose to sign up for God’s work force completely. In truth, Anita and that i are planning to do just that and paintings in human betterment. I absolutely by no means want to lose her once more. If meaning eternity, then heaven can be eternal for us.Tyler: Norman, Anita’s descriptions of heaven line up carefully with the ones i have read in different books by means of humans who’ve back to lifestyles, after a close to-demise revel in. i’m referring to such books as Betty Eadie’s “Embraced via the light” and Raymond Moody’s “lifestyles after life.” One such e-book stated that a female who had such an experience kept asking those around her where become Jesus, and they instructed her heaven didn’t have a Jesus. I must ask wherein Jesus and Christianity healthy into this, or if they do. If there may be no Jesus, should we reject Christianity or other spiritual traditions? Are humanity’s spiritual beliefs old or wrong?Norman: Anita and i have written approximately that, too. She tells me (it is inside the book) that God never frowns at those who see Him as Allah, Mohammed, Buddha or every other God call–and there have been heaps. His view is that, irrespective of what they name Him, all of them imply the same God and do their first-rate to define Him.As to close to death reports, what a lady projects when she is near death is rarely proof that there is no Jesus in heaven. That stated, i have to tell you-this is within the e book, too–that Anita did not achieve locating Jesus there after I requested her to attempt. She describes religiously inclined businesses as believing in Jesus. they say Jesus is “near the mild”–with God. however they’ve never visible him and do not try to.We decided that Jesus isn’t always a myth however a actual character. however religions’ declare that he’s the son of God and those who like to think he by hook or by crook changed The antique man in His job don’t have any more credible records than the female whose altered state instructed her that there’s no Jesus in heaven.Anita believes Jesus died, went to heaven and sooner or later reincarnated. however she can not prove that both. God doesn’t care what any of us think at the concern but cares very lots that the peoples He created lie, cheat, hate, enslave, subjugate or kill one another. He and His people have never stopped their efforts to improve human chemistry and make destiny generations resistant to the person degradation evolution and environment purpose in so many of us.Tyler: Wow, Norman, it really is a tremendous response to my question. In final, Norman, if Anita had been here (maybe she even is) what do you think she would want her message to be to our readers?Norman: Anita’s two favored subjects are God and love. She wants–and i be a part of her on this–more of us to accept as true with God’s love, to like Him and each other without bias, suspicion, hatred, and different commonplace evils. SHE believes in God and faith.I believe in God now, way to Anita. but I don’t have any persistence with prepared-for-profit-and-strength religions. Anita is of the same opinion they maintain and are searching for more strength, however she says houses of worship provide tens of millions with notion, solace, spiritual increase, network aid and sociability. we would both like to see religions surrender their dogmas and concentrate on placing and maintaining to high moral standards for themselves and their flocks.Tyler: Is Anita capable of percentage with you anything about the future of humanity? Is there desire for us? As we reincarnate and evolve will our world end up more peaceful and spiritual, or are we fated to blow ourselves up in sooner or later as that other planet you referred to in advance?Norman: Tyler, it’s difficult to answer. Neither Anita nor I declare to be psychics or have any special occult powers. She does discuss with one planet destroyed absolutely and another that came near it but struggles on with its damaged mutants.however God didn’t do it. Anita says God doesn’t pay attention to advice to erase us all and begin yet again, but she concerns that He may lose patience with domination and slaughter and do simply that. we hope it might not be quickly and agree with it is time the standards of love for God and each other come to the fore in every person.Tyler: thanks so much, Norman, for joining me nowadays. you have got given us all a excellent deal to reflect onconsideration on, and that i realize many of our readers will want to study more about “Anita’s Heaven.” Will you tell us wherein they’ll buy a copy?Norman: proper now there are two approaches to get “Anita’s Heaven” or have your book place order it. go to the website for greater about the e book and a way to order it through Blooming Twig Books. For a signed copy, email [email protected]. Books I send value $sixteen.ninety five plus 1.04 New Jersey nation Tax and postage, the new precedence flat fee $4.60 or, if you choose, media mail is set half of the priority charge but slower.thank you, Tyler, and thanks, readers. “Anita’s Heaven” needs you.

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Choosing an NMLS Mortgage License Education Course Provider

Every Mortgage Loan Originator licensed in the United States must complete Pre-License Education in order to obtain a license and Continuing Education each year in order to renew the license. There is a federal mandate that each state require at least 20 hours of Pre-License Education and at least 8 hours of Continuing Education each year after the license is approved. And many states have decided to require additional “state-specific” Pre-License and Continuing Education on top of the federal mandated minimum requirement. If a Loan Originator obtains licenses in many states, there could be a lot of Continuing Education required each year, which brings us to our main topic. How do you choose a Mortgage License Education Course Provider that can make this process as simple and painless as possible?

Availability of Courses – Each Mortgage License Education Course Provider must get their courses approved through the NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System). Some Course Providers only get the main 20 hour Pre-License Education and 8 hour Continuing Education, so if you are licensed in any states that require state-specific education, you’ll have to do that part with another Course Provider. Most Course Providers only get some of the state-specific education approved for the larger states, because it is very time consuming to get approved and maintain if they don’t have enough customers taking the courses. Very few Course Providers get the state-specific Mortgage License Education Courses approved by the NMLS in every state that requires it. If licensed in many states, it is best to find one of these few Course Providers that offer all courses.

Course Formats – The Course Providers are able to provide Pre-License Education in 3 formats: Classroom, Webinar, and Online Instructor-Led. Classroom is a live course in-person. Webinar is a live course via a webinar online. And Online Instructor-Led, which is by far the most popular, is an online course at your own pace with a small amount of instructor involvement to meet the NMLS requirement that there be interaction between the student and the instructor. Due to the instructor interaction, the Online Instructor-Led courses must be done within a certain window of time. Usually 2 days for a few hour course up to 12 days for a 20 hour course. For the Continuing Education, Course Providers are able to offer all of the same course formats as the Pre-License Education plus an Online Self-Study format. The Online Self-Study format is virtually identical to the Online Instructor-Led format, except that there is no window of time that the course must be completed in and there is no instructor interaction. For most people, the Online Self-Study format would be the best option for the Continuing Education. Not all Course Providers offer all Course Formats, so you will want to find a Course Provider that offers the formats you prefer.

Technology Platforms – Specifically for the most popular Course Formats, Online Instructor-Led for the Pre-License Education and Online Self-Study for the Continuing Education, the technology platform of the Mortgage License Education Course Provider is critical to making the process smooth. The NMLS has specific guidelines on how the Education Course must operate regarding timing of the course, instructor interaction, timing out after a certain period of inactivity, verifying that the person taking the course is the actual Loan Originator, etc. However, the Course Providers have a lot of flexibility in making the compliance with these requirements as painless as possible. There is a huge difference between Course Providers so you may even want to ask to test their systems out before purchasing courses, especially if you are licensed in a lot of states or are making the decision of what Course Provider to use for many Loan Originators.

Customer Service – In my experience, this is by far the most important factor. Issues will come up such as courses not reporting to the NMLS properly, course windows ending before the course is completed and the need to reschedule, questions about what Mortgage License Education Courses are required for a new license or continuing education to renew your Loan Originator Licenses, or even just issues navigating their website. When these issues come up, you want to have someone at their office that always answers the phone during normal business hours so you can quickly resolve these issues. I have found that not all Education Course Providers have the same excellent customer service that you would expect. This is critical. If you start finding that the responses from customer service are slow or inadequate, then it is probably time to start looking for a new NMLS Mortgage License Education Course Provider.

Since Mortgage Licensing Education is such a large part of the requirement to obtain and maintain a mortgage loan originator license in each state, Integrity Mortgage Licensing has partnered with a mortgage education c

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